Masai Rokuba
Masai Rokuba is one of the central characters and a main protagonist in the manga/anime series, Dark Game!, and Dragoon!. He is widely regarded as the most intelligent character in the series, the best friend of Saharu Ishida, and an integral member of the Spirit Chi Warriors. His ability is very unique in that his nature type is Spirit. Masai is a member of the Star Clan, a tribe that had been long forgotten years ago. As the sole member of his clan, Masai makes it his goal to make peace and amend the sins of his clan, as well as prove himself as a true member of the Star Clan. Masai is able to attain his goal with the major support from his close friend and fellow teammate, Ginta Typhoon. Despite how skilled he is in martial arts and elemental manipulation, Masai dislikes fighting intensely. He ends up becoming one of the sole survivng and the pinnacle strength of the Star clan. After the Great Genocide of the Star Clan, Masai's lonely life forced him into isoation and seclusion, ultimately turning him into an extremely powerful fighter, capable of holding his own in certain situations. In addition to that, his outlook on life, and his incredible insight on several threatening situations is why Masai is the most powerful member of the Star Clan to have ever exist. The bad blood that Masai's clan shared with the Shiguya Clan gave him the deep connection that he later develops with Sholark Mujana, and his sister, Suno Mujana. As a result, Masai and Suno are able to mend the two clans together as one, which eventually leads to their new path of hope and harmony.
Anime DG! Episode #N/a
Movie Dark Game: N/A
Appears in Manga, Anime, Movies
Birthdate June 24, 1960
Gender Male
  • Dark Game: 13-14
  • Pre-Era: 14-15
  • Post-Era: 15-16
  • EoS: 19
  • Spirit Chi Warriors
  • Youken Town
Elemental Release Spirit Release
Spirit Beast Apollon
Academy Grad. Age 13

"The void of darkness must be erased."



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  • Spirit Manipulation:
  • Spirit Zone:


  • 128 Points of Divinity (神性のワン百二十八ポイントShinsei no wan hyaku ni jū hachi pointo): Masai gets into a peculiar stance, balancing his Reiki throughout his entire body. Afterwards, he strikes his enemy one-hundred and twenty-eight times in succession, effectively shutting down their Chi Pathway System.
  • Spirit Wave (スピリットウェーブSupirittou~ēbu): By emitting his Reiki through the pores of his fingertips, Masai launches a wave of his spiritual energy, deconstructing the Reiki within a person, weapon, or area.
  • Spirit Blade (スピリットブレイドSupirittobureido): Masai forms a blade entirely out of his spiritual energy. He then strikes his opponent in a given spot on their body. As a result, his opponent is left either disabled or lifeless.


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